The Fall Series Throwdown is a traditional Fitness competition held in Italy since 2011 that year after year conquered the heart of thousands of Athletes from all the Europe.

The 2018 Edition will take place at “Pala Candy Arena” in Monza, Italy, close to Milan and very easy to reach from Malpensa, Orio and LinateĀ  airports, Milano area train stations or by car.

There will be 3 online qualifiers starting on September 23 and ending on October 14. Every week there is a different qualification WOD and the registered athletes will have to submit their videos and their score.

450 Athletes in the following categories will be invited to the final:

Scaled: 60M/40F
Teen: 20M/20F
Junior: 20M/20F
Master 35- 39: 20M/20F
Master 40 – 44: 20M/20F
Master 45 – 49: 20M/20F
Master 50 +: 10M/10F
Rx: 60M/40F
Scaled: 10 teams
Rx: 10 teams

The final is scheduled on 8 and 9 December 2018 in Monza, Italy at the prestigious “pala Candy Arena”