Q: What are the standards of the Experience?
A: There are no standards and no need for any skill in particular. Fall Series Experience is based on the Scaled category of the CrossFit Games Open.

Q: I made the podium in the experience category in another competition, can I register?
A: Yes, only the WINNERS (1) of the experience category of another competition cannot participate.

Q: I participated as a Scaled in a competition many years ago, before the experience categorie existed. Now I can no longer keep up with the scaled level, can I participate in the Experience?
A: Yes, if your last competition dates back to when the experience category didn't exist yet.

Q: Is it possible to try to qualify both in a team and individually?
A: Absolutely yes!

Q: Can I try to qualify both as an experience and scaled athlete?
A: Of course, there are no participation restrictions for the scaled category.

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