This document, named Rulebook, contains general information about the sporting event shown below. Every athlete, therefore, by means of his registration to the event, declares that he has read and accepted the rules and everything else illustrated here. This rulebook is an integral part of the Competition Registration Act.

Name and organization

The Fall Series Throwdown is a sports event organized by Fall Series LLC with registered office in 2701 Centerville Road, Wilmington, Delaware, 19808, United States of America

Place of Final Event

The seventh edition will take place on the eight and nine December 2018, at the Palasport Candy Arena, Viale Gian Battista Stucchi, 20900 Monza MB.

Requirements for participation

To be admitted to the Fall Series Throwdown the candidate must:

Having reached the major age at the date of participation in the competition;
In case you compete in the teen category have the written permission of parents or those who exercise parental responsibility;
Accept the rules and regulations on the discharge of liability and the processing of personal data;
Subscribe to the online qualifiers by referring to the site Competition Corner . The inscription must take place within the prescribed period (opening registrations: 23 July 2018 hours 12; deadline to register 30 September 2018 hours 18.00) to which the registration fee of €30 (thirty euros) must be achieved;
Get over the online selection by entering the number of athletes admitted to the live for the reference category
In case of proceeding to the live phase will be sent an email with indicated the procedures of admission
Present at check-in with the confirmation of payment of the registration fee received by e-mail;
Submit at check-in a valid medical certificate for non-agonistic sporting activities.

Divisions and available Slots:

Participation in the competition takes place according to the following divisions (men and women):

Teen category (athletes from 15 to 17 years): 20/20
Junior Category (Athletes 18 to 21 years): 20/20
Category Scaled: 60/40
Category Master 35 (up to 39 years of age included): 20/20
Category Master + 40 (up to 44 years including): 20/20
Category Master + 45 (up to 49 years including): 20/20
Category Master + 50:10/10
Elite: 60/40
Team Scaled (2 Men + 1 woman): 20
Team Rx (2 Men + 1 woman): 20

The divisions are automatically assigned by the registration system according to the date of birth: The participant will be classified in the correct age division considering the age reached the day 7 December 2018.

Final stages and prize pool

The final phase of the Fall Series Throwdown takes place on 2 days where the athletes will face on 3 WOD on Saturday, one on Sunday morning to which will follow the selection of the athletes who have access to the WOD of the final.

The prize pool

It will be divided among the top 3 finishers in the Rx category women and men and Master divisions women and men.

The winners of divisions Scaled women and men will be rewarded with the products offered by the sponsors.

The prizes may be subject to taxation and withholding tax in compliance with the current fiscal regulations.

Rating system and Ranking

Refer to the Appendix “Fall Series throwdown Live”

In case of parity we will apply rule 4.8 of the rulebook Games (looking at the best position obtained by the athlete compared to the best result in every single event). If the system referred to in callback 4.8 does not determine the winner, it will look to the youngest athlete and, in case of equal age, to the athlete who joined the competition (date and time of recording). Under no circumstances are there any direct playoff fights.

WOD Validation

During all stages of the competition, athletes ‘ performance is verified by one or more judges appointed by the organization. The judges shall evaluate the participants on the basis of the tests prescribed in accordance with the criteria and movement standards indicated before the start of the test.

Each participant must sign the score-card to validate the score awarded by the judge; In the event of disputes, the participant must immediately appeal to the race Director (head Judge)

A signed score card cannot be denied and the score awarded by the court is final and undeniable. In no case are changes allowed after the closing of the ranking or at the end of every single day of the competition.

Rules of conduct and decisions of judges

The director of the competition or Head Judge is the figure to which the direction of the event is entrusted and is the subject of reference for any question pertaining to the WOD. The judges are structured in teams entrusted to a team leader who has the authority to intervene directly on the calls of a single judge by cancelling or validating a movement.

The participant agrees to behave in a loyal and sporty manner: manipulations and attempts of deception, behaviour of disturbance or obstacle, violent discussions and offensive remarks, or any other conduct which is capable of offending, insulting or damaging The image of Fall Series Throwdown or of the organization and volunteers engaged in it will be punished by the competition director with the exclusion from the competition of the author of the sanctioned conduct. Fall Series LLC reserves the right to act in the competent legal offices for the eventual refreshment of the damage.

They are also punishable by penalties on ranking all anti-sports pipelines and any possible attitude to damage the organization, participants, sponsors, spectators and others present or to prevent other competitors the Participation in the competition in a fair and correct way. The decisions of the organisation or the director of tenders shall be final and inappellable.

Access to the competition area

Only the athlete, the judges, the Volunteers and the race organization have access to the competition area. The Warm up area, according to the rules of access published, can be frequented in the prescribed time and manner, also by coaches.

Consent to use of photos and videos

During the the competition, photos and videos are carried out by operators authorized by the organization and by the partner sponsors of the event in order to produce promotional audiovisual material. The participant authorizes the Organization and its operators to carry out, publish, process and transmit such photos and videos on online and offline channels, own and third parties, for all activities related to the event. The participant grants the organization and its partners free use of the material photo/video that portray it in any action taken in the competition, without having to give prior authorisation and without anything to claim.

indemnification of liability

With the registration the participant declares to be aware of the risks, foreseeable and unpredictable, connected to the sporting activity of the competition and to be in possession of adequate medical certification in compliance with the current sanitary regulations. The participant assumes any and all responsibility regarding his or her person, for damages caused to others and/or to things due to their own intentional or severely negligent behavior during the competition. The participant declares that he has carefully read and assessed the content of this regulation and has clearly understood the meaning of each individual point before subscribing to it. Understands and fully shares the aims of these rules established for its safety and that the non-compliance can pose itself and other participants in dangerous situations. The participant declares to exempt the organization of the event from any and all liability, civil and criminal, which may arise during the various phases of the competition and during all events related to the event. The participant agrees that the organisation may amend the conditions laid down for the competition and may cancel the event on grounds which are currently unpredictable, for reasons of force majeure and for reasons which do not depend on its will. The participant is aware and agrees that in no case and for no reason the share of participation paid during the registration can be refunded, not even partially, so the share of participation in the live.

Processing of personal data

(D. Lgs. N. 196/2003and Successive legislative modifications intervened) Informative receipt about the art. 13 of the Privacy code of Italian law and noted the rights of the Art. 7 and Segg., the participant shall express-as far as is necessary for the purposes provided by law-the consent to the processing of personal data by the organiser of the event and of all the partners and suppliers of computer systems which are used for the purposes The registration of the competition, the formation of the ranking, the publication of the results and all that concerns the event

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