This document, called Rulebook, contains general information relating to the sporting event illustrated below. Therefore every athlete, by means of his registration to the event, declares to have read and accepted the rules and anything else illustrated here. This rulebook is an integral part of the competition entry form.

Object: Fall Series Experience 2018 (from now Event) is a two-stage sports competition, a first phase online and a second phase, open to 10 men and 10 women, live, at the Palacandy stadium in Monza. The event is organized by: Fall series LLC and concerns a fitness competition divided into two parts better specified in the following paragraphs, which can be accessed by registering with the Competition Corner portal


the Event is open only to the experience category. Users who have never participated in previous competitions in categories are identified as experience: scaled, open (understood as unitary category scaled + rx), rx, elite, master, team. Therefore the category is not determined on the basis of age but of participation in previous competitions in one of the previously identified categories.
Registered by the deadline of July 15, 2018 at 19.59.
Have paid the participatory fee of € 20.00 + processing fees

Exclusion clause:

The staff of Fall Series Experience, the competition director, the head judge reserve to exclude at their sole discretion those athletes who violating the point 1 mentioned in the entry “participant” have taken part in the past in other competitions in one of the categories above indicated.


The Event will open registration on June 24th at 11.59pm

The first wod will be released on Sunday 8th July at 8.00pm

The delivery of the score of the first wod must take place by 6.00 pm on the 15th of July

The closing of registrations is concomitant with the delivery of the first wod. Therefore it will be possible to register until 5:59 pm on July 15th

The second wod will be released on July 15th at 20.00 and the score will have to be delivered on July 22nd at 6.00pm


Results after the deadlines indicated in the item Dates will not be accepted


the athlete must enter the scoring together with the video link according to the methods indicated by the competition platform (Competition corner). The absence of the video at the link entered authorizes the body to invalidate the scoring without having to consult the athlete in advance.

The validation of the video tests is left to the judging body set up for this task.

The verification of the video tests will take place on the number of slots available for each category and in addition the body reserves the validation of additional videos outside the qualifying slots.

The material used for the execution of the workouts must be strictly the standard one (in particular as regards rower, assault bike, ski erg if present in the video tests). Any alteration of the video tests will result in the instant exclusion of the athlete.

The 10 best experience men and experience women will then have access, according to the rules of Rulebook Fall Series Throwdown 2018, to the final live at the Palacandy of Monza where they will play a final workout specially designed for them.


The movement standards required for qualifying workouts will be communicated with appropriate material on the social channels and on the competition website: Fall Series Throwdown 2018.

Documents (only for the live phase): The following documents must therefore be presented on the day of the live competition: Certificate of Sport Suitability and Identity Document. The participation fee can not be reimbursed for any reason, except in case of cancellation of the event due to the organization’s fault. For the participation in the live event there is a regulation called Rulebook Fall Series Throwdown 2018.

Acceptance clause

The athlete, with the payment of the participation fee, declares to have read and understood the rules of this rulebook

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